Sweet Dreams Program

Sweet Dreams is based upon the belief that compassionate presence and provision of a care plan devoted to end of day sleep rituals and comfort can result in enhanced patient satisfaction. The Sweet Dreams service is provided in the hours leading up to bed time.

Components of Sweet Dreams

• Learning from the patient/family the history of any evening or bedtime rituals.
• Learning and assessing the patient’s likes, dislikes, and wishes regarding creation of a soothing and comfortable sleep environment.
• Creation of a care plan that meets the needs of the patient with the goal of creating a soothing environment to enhance comfort and sleep.
• Delivering the components of the individualized care plan in the patient’s chosen home setting.

Sweet Dreams Philosophy

Through compassionate presence, creation of a soothing and nurturing environment the hospice can deliver an individualized care plan that facilitates sleep and comfort at the end of the day.

Criteria for Receiving Sweet Dream Services

Patient/Family requests the service and demonstrates willingness to participate in the development of the Sweet Dreams care plan.

Services Provided under Sweet Dreams Care:

• Hand and Foot gentle touch techniques
• PM Care (face wash, foot soak, nail care, mouth care, etc.)
• Aromatherapy
• Sound and/or music therapy
• Taste therapy
• Gentle spa approach, (Low lights, spa music, fountains, soft words, slow approach)

The Sweet Dreams program is an innovative & non-pharmacological approach supported by research, which shows these types of therapy methods to be more beneficial than traditional methods of medication interventions. Please read a research study here, reviewing over 19,000 studies.

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